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If this is your first exposure to Al's research you might want to first mentally answer the question that Al has put to 8 police officers in 7 countries,

"Alcohol aside what, in your personal opinion, is the fundamental cause of traffic accidents?"

and then go to one of the 'Whodunnit' pages.  This will give you the opportunity to prove you are more clever than Al by figuring out 'whodunnit' before he did!

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"Whodunnit'(famous detective)

Designed for presentation to students of the arts [not yet available on the web - authorization not yet received ]

"Whodunnit"('97 Detroit paper)

The continuing saga of Serendipity and Science. Presented at the Society of Automotive Engineers' Annual World Congress in Detroit, Michigan, this 'whodunnit' is particularly suitable for presentation to students of the sciences.

Paris Paper[F98S565]

Extends the results of the Detroit paper (on European expressways) to all traffic fatalities and to countries around the world. [This links you directly to the website of the Societé des ingenieurs de l'automobile in France - they hosted FISITA'98 - The Second Century of the Automobile.]

A press release issued at the time and entitled,

Do Speed Limits Kill Us?,

can also be read on this page.

Seoul Paper[F00I388]

Presented at FISITA 2000 - Automotive Innovation for the New Millennium in Seoul, Korea this paper completes the extension to every inhabited continent while proposing that "a 'black box' in every road vehicle" would improve traffic safety IMMENSELY!

Published Articles & Columns

Currently articles describing Al's research from World of Wheels (3pgs-81/2x11) and Canadian Auto World (2pgs-11x17). Also contains the last word on Cellphones & Traffic Safety!

As Yet Unpublished Articles Includes The Police Report (with several colourful comments by the cops!) and the valley of death that developing countries face.

not yet available

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